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Created White Sapphire Unset Faceted Oval Facet ~16mm x 13mm


White Synthetic Sapphire Unset Loose Gem faceted oval ;~16mm x 13mm x 9mm oval shape; light does go through it easily, transparent; clear white color Synthetic Sapphire oval faceted unset gemstone, transparent white ~16mm x...

Blue Lab Sapphire Pear Loose Gem 13mm x 9mm

$179.99 $35.00

Manmade Blue Sapphire 13mm Pear unset gem; excellent cut; laboratory created; light does go through it easily, transparent; 5mm deep; sizes vary slightly Manmade Sapphpire faceted unset gem 13mm pear 13mm x 9mm, 5mm deep...

Nephrite Jade Cabochon Medium greens 18mm x 13mm

$59.99 $15.00

These are 18mm x 13mm loose oval gemstones of Nephrite Jade; deep dark green genuine natural not enhanced Nephrite Jade; well cut and polished; suitable for fine jewelry or collecting 18mm x 13mm x 5mm...

Yellow Created Sapphire Octagon Loose Gemstone 13mm


Manmade Sapphire yellow gem stone loose octagon faceted gemstone; 13mm x 10 x 7mm; nice facet octagon; light does go through it easily, transparent; item shipped may vary slightly color and size Created Sapphire octagon...

Simulated Aquamarine Cushion Checkerboard 15mm X 13mm


This is a Simulated Aquamarine. 15mm x 13mm. Simulated Aquamarine stone 15mm x 13mm Suitable for fashion and fine jewelry

Created Opal Cabochon 18mm X 13mm for Fine Jewelry Fiery White Lab (1)

$44.85 $35.00

This is an 18mm oval white manmade Opal cabochon, sold by the piece; man-made, synthetic opal from Japan, very well cut and polished ; oval, 18mm x 13mm x 4mm thin; beautiful full fire; suitable...

Created Padparadscha Sapphire Oval Orange Pink 13mm


Manmade Sapphire Padparadscha pink orange gem stone loose oval faceted gemstone; 13mm x 11mm x 8mm Lab Padparadscha Sapphire pink orange color 13mm x 11mm x 8mm Loose and unset gemstone, laboratory created