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Synthetic Padparadscha Sapphire Yellow Golden Orange Oval Loose ~18mm X 16mm


Manmade Sapphire Padparadscha orange golden yellow gem stone loose oval faceted gem; ~18mm x 16mm x 8mm; nice facet oval ; Loose facet cut unset lab Sapphire; light does go through it easily, transparent; item...

Created White Sapphire Unset Faceted Oval Facet ~16mm x 13mm


White Synthetic Sapphire Unset Loose Gem faceted oval ;~16mm x 13mm x 9mm oval shape; light does go through it easily, transparent; clear white color Synthetic Sapphire oval faceted unset gemstone, transparent white ~16mm x...

Synthetic Ruby Large Oval Facet Pigeon Blood Red (16 Millimeters)


This synthetic Ruby has elegant beauty! very well cut, sparkling medium red color; large size, good cut. Man-made gemstone synthetic Ruby Oval cut about 16mm long

Created Opal Oval Cabochon White Oval 16mm x 12mm (1)

$35.00 $29.77

This is a Created Opal oval 12mm x 16mm cabochon, synthetic. Multi-Color , Green-Violet-Blue-Red-Orange-Yellow Flashing; Good Quality; 12mm x 16mm x 3.5mm; iridescent luster; high flash manmade, synthetic opal from Japan; opals and suitable for...

Simulated Alexandrite Large Assorted Sizes

$45.00 from $25.00

Faceted assorted sized and shape unset Simulated Alexandrite; color change blue to purple; ~22mm x 17mm x 9mm; light goes through it easily, transparent; this manmade simulated gem is suitable for fine jewelry. Simulated Alexandrite...

Purple Created Sapphire Pear 16mm


Manmade Sapphire light purple gem stone loose pear faceted gemstone; 16mm x 12mm x 8mm; nice facet oval Synthetic Sapphire pear faceted unset gemstone 16mm x 12mm x 8mm Light sparkling purple color, transparent top...

uGems Chrysoprase Pear Gemstone Loose Unset 16mm x 12mm

$65.00 $28.00

Chrysoprase Pear Cabochon AA Quality 16mm x 12mm Australian Chrysoprase pear cabochon ~16mm x 12mm, 7.7mm high dome Very good green color Loose and unset, suitable for fine jewelry Item shipped may vary slightly