Pinch Bail Sterling Silver Plain 9.5mm (Qty=2)

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This is bale to put an object on; For items with hole from front to back; Sterling silver; It is 9.5mm from top to bottom, up to 4.5 mm wide, 6mm thick; shinyt; Peg 1mm diameter; sold by the 2 pieces; 1 specified buys 2 bails, 3 buys 6 bails, etc.

  • 2 9.5mm long plain sterling silver pinch bails
  • For pendants drilled front to back; shiny
  • 9.5mm top to bottom, can use for small Donut pendants
  • 5mm wide, 6mm thick see dimensional picture
  • Peg to top is 1mm diameter. Bottom only pinch bale