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Yellow Synthetic Sapphire Round Facet Unset Gemstone 6mm


Manmade Yellow Sapphire 6mm round unset gem; laboratory created; light does go through it easily, transparent; 3.6mm deep; about 1 carats; Manmade Sapphpire faceted unset gem 6mm round 3.7 carats 6mm diameter 5.5mm deep Sizes...

Created Mystic Rainbow Quartz 9mm Faceted Round Unset Loose Gem


This is a Mystic Rainbow Quartz round manmade gemstone, about 9mm diameter, 6mm depth. Green and rainbow colors . Awesome lustre. Mystic gemstones are Lab treated. Mystic Rainbow Quartz faceted unset lab created gemstone Loose...

uGems Simulated Emerald Assorted Sizes

from $25.00

Faceted unset simulated Emerald; assorted sizes; light does go through it easily, transparent; beautiful green colors; excellent cut; this manmade simulated gem is suitable for fine jewelry Simulated Emerald oval shape faceted unset stone ~12mm...

Lab Padparadscha Sapphire Round Unset Loose Gemstone 8mm


Created Sapphire Padparadscha peach pink gem stone loose round faceted; About 8mm diameter; nice facet oval; loose facet cut unset lab Sapphire; light does go through it easily, transparent; item shipped may vary slightly color...

Blue Lab Sapphire Unset Loose Round Gem


Manmade Sapphire gem stone loose round faceted gemstone various sizes; light does go through it easily, transparent; excellent cut; item shipped may vary slightly; Manmade Sapphire faceted unset gem 7mm round Excellent Cut

Deep Red Synthetic Ruby Round Unset Loose Gem Corundum 8mm (1)


Synthetic Ruby excellent round cut 8mm Faceted synthetic Ruby round cut 8mm Sparkling beautiful flat table cut, very shiny Magnificent deep blood red color 1 Specified buys 1 Ruby, 2 buys 2 Rubies, etc. Man-made...