Kunzite is pink spodumene . Kunzite is known as a Spodumene, it is made up of lithium, aluminum and silicate. and gets its color from manganese. Kunzite is popular with the clarity and fine pink colors that can show some violet.

Kunzite is called the Guardioan /Dreamholder Harmonizer gem. Kunzite is a restorative healing crystal, and also a gem stone of affection. Kunzite is said to help in crystal healing to boost the blood circulation system, and in the management of respiratory problems. Kunzite is also considered to assist and strengthen the circulatory process, and helpful for the treatment respiratory ailments. Kunzite could be used to support comprehend other individuals and attune us to universal love.

Kunzite is also a Dreamholder, a really highly effective talisman employed in centering our energy to keep on to our desires. Kunzite is really a lovely gem, genuine in vitality and happy in nature. Kunzite is often found in connection to morganite and pink tourmaline, the other popular pink gemstones. Kunzite is known to produce gemstones of great size. Kunzite is known for its strong pleochroism exhibiting light plus more intensive colouring in several directions.

Kunzite has two excellent cleavage directions. Kunzite is uplifting and calming gemstone. Kunzite is a somewhat new precious stone, previously being 1st found within the 20th hundred years. Kunzite is hard and is oftentimes practically without color but is commonly a light pink to warm lilac-colored gemstone.

Kunzite has a lovely pink color and is becoming increasingly popular in the gemstone market. Kunzite will gradually lose its color over time if left in direct sunlight. Kunzite is associated with the third eye, heart, and throat chakras.