A gift of nature, Maw Sit Sit, also referred to as jade-albite, is a rare opaque green gemstone found only in the Northern (Burma) Myanmar village it's named after. Considered a recent find, it was identified in 1963 by the late Swiss gemologist Dr. Edward Gubelin.

Just in time for Spring, the beautiful green colored stone resembles high-quality jade, making sense since one of the constituents that comprise Maw sit sit is jadeite. The mineral also possesses some visual similarities to malachite, and is right on trend with 2017's Pantone color of the year, Greenery.

Although the colors may vary from light to dark green, the most common gem cut from maw sit sit is a bright chrome-green cabochon with some swirls or veins of black. The gem can appear mottled and spotted and some say is reminiscent of a green version of the gemstone charoite, which is a purple gemstone.

Maw sit sit is a metamorphic rock that was formed when higher pressure changed a formation of igneous rocks. The formation had a lot of chromium based minerals such as chromite and chrome rich jadeite, which accounts for the color. Some specimens have been found to also contain, kosmochlor, albite feldspar, and other minerals.

With hardness that varies but often approaches 7, Maw Sit Sit is quite strong making it a great stone for creative jewelry designers.

Maw-sit-sit is an excellent example of what the gemstone world can offer by having an unusual name from a small place that not many have heard of until they named a gemstone after it.