uGems 14k Gold Crimp Beads Tiny .041" Hole 1mm Long (2)

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These are two 14k yellow gold delicate very TINY gold crimp beads; each crimp measures about 1.63mm outer diameter, 0.041" inner hole diameter, ~1mm long; use for up to 0.018" bead wire; Seamless beads made in USA. Item photos greatly enlarged to show to show detail

  • 14k gold, 2 pcs TINY size
  • 14kt gold 0.041" hole, 1.63mm outer diameter, 1mm long
  • Not gold fill, not plated, this is 14k gold
  • Use for up to 0.018" bead wire
  • 1 specified buys 2, 2 buys 4, etc.