14K Solid Gold Round Beads .040 Inch Hole 2.5mm 48 pcs

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This is 48 TINY 14kt Yellow Gold Smooth Round Beads; They are 2mm in diameter, smallest size, tiny; Finely polished light yellow , Finest Quality; Hollow beads that are genuine 14kt gold; .030" and .035" holes. Made in USA; photos greatly enlarged to show to show detail, see image with ruler for size

  • 2mm TINY 14kt gold beads Purchase Carefully these are TINY!
  • Tiny beads, with .030" and .035" holes; 1" = 25.4mm
  • Solid yellow gold hollow beads for jewelry design
  • Shiney USA made; 1"=~25mm
  • Tiny accent spacer beads, purchase carefully- 2mm is tiny!