14K Yellow Gold Earring Backs

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This is one pair of 14k yellow gold earring backs ; larger size for earring clutch in 14k; It enables easier secure backs to your post and stud earrings. The USA made earring nuts are stamped 14k ; it's 6.2mm wide, 5.4mm high, and 3.3mm thick; Each pair is .27 grams 14K; stamped 14k, with manufacturer's trademark, world class gold earring back cause less problems than non-14k earring backs. Perfect to replace lost posts, handles more easily than average 14k backs; keep the extras for "just in case"; look no further for this hard to find item in 14kt gold; buy to replace lost backing for stud pearl earrings; Good to have on hand if you are an earring lover;

  • 14K Yellow Gold .27 grams per pair, heavier weight
  • Ear clutch 14k style standard ear nut
  • 6.2mm wide, 5.4mm high, and 3.3mm thick
  • Stamped 14k, USA Made
  • Hole size .031"