14k Yellow Gold Turquoise Sleeping Beauty Round Stud Earrings 6mm

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Color excitement in these fine Sleeping Beauty Stabilized Turquoise ball earrings; Set in 14k yellow gold; with Blue natural color variations; the mine is closed, old stock stabilized Turquoise. 6mm small size. Samples of these stabilized Turquoise gemstones have been tested by the Gemological Institute of American and issued GIA identification certificate #6173790768. Sleeping Beauty Mine, found in Globe, Arizona was regarded as one of the most significant turquoise producing mines on the earth. The Sleeping Beauty Mine heritage began over 40 years ago when it was at first mined for gold and copper. IMPORTANT: The Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona shut down its turquoise-mining operations over the summer time of 2012. It has become very rare in the jewelry industry. The turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty Mine was often preferred by the Zuni Pueblo silversmiths.