4 Sterling Silver Hook and Eye Clasps Double Wire USA Made 13mm (4)

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These are four solid hook and eye sterling silver clasps; double 20 gauge wire design 13mm long, 1.3mm wide, up to 4mm thick; the figure eight eye is 8.5mm long 4.2mm wide; 1 specified buys 4 clasp sets, 2 buys 8 clasps, etc. USA made.

  • Hook and Eye design sterling silver double wire clasp
  • The hook is 13mm long; set is 19mm long with the figure 8 ring, double wire
  • The figure eight is 8.5mm long, 4.2mm wide, soldered shut
  • Shiny finish, for small to medium size necklaces, made using 20 gauge wire
  • 1 specified buys 4, 3 buys 12, etc. USA Made