Argentium Bezel Sterling Silver Assorted Widths

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Brand: uGems


  • Argentium Sterling Silver Bezel
  • 3/32 inch wide
  • 30 gauge thick
  • 2-foot length

Details: This Argentium Silver bezel wire is great for setting stones; work with it to make custom made settings for stones on rings, in bracelets plus much more. Made out of a bit , Argentium Sterling silver offers a brilliant white color which is nearer to fine silver than standard sterling, but is very resistance against firescale and also slower to tarnish within most situations. With 93.5% pure silver, Argentium satisfies the lawful standard for being quality-marked as sterling silver. All Argentium is manufactured out of recycled silver and its particular sources are confirmed by Argentium International Ltd. The attributes of Argentium makes this material ideal to use. It welds beautifully and is great for fusing procedures. It provides superb formability in the soft condition and can work harden well to make jewelry that is stronger. It can be age-hardened making it tougher, capable of taking a lighter, additional longer lasting sparkle. Jewelry-makers along with their shoppers understand the benefit and capability of a brighter-white sterling silver that is resistant to tarnish, each day scrapes and dings, and continues shining.

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