Black Obsidian Vogel Style 12-sided Double Terminated Point Wand Large 4 Inch

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This is a beautiful Black Obsidian Crystal massage wand or specimen; Obsidian is volcanic glass ; expert cutting with 12 sides, Vogel style; double terminated style cutting; highest quality; medium size 4". There are three kinds of natural obsidian. One kind is rainbow black obsidian. One kind is black obsidian with some natural metallic minerals. The other kind is pure black obsidian.

  • Natural Earth mined Black Obsidian Rock Crystal Vogel style massage wand
  • Suitable for office, collecting, gifts, study, jewelry, massage, healing
  • About 4" , double terminated points
  • Expert Cutting 12 facets very high quality, item shipped may vary slightly
  • Black Obsidian with typical inclusions, Obsidian is natural volcanic glass