Castle Dome Turquoise Seafoam Spiderweb Rare Arizona Nugget Strand ~18mm

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Brand: uGems

Color: blue with pyrite and quartz


  • Turquoise from Castle Dome Mine large seafoam blue spiderweb strand
  • About 18 beads , 16", average 20mm x 16mm x11mm, over 400 carats
  • Smooth polished old Castle Dome Nevada mine which closed in 1976
  • Light Blue colors, quartz and pyrite matrix webbing
  • Old pre 1976 stock genuine treated Turquoise from the Castle Dome Mine

Details: This is a strand of Turquoise Nugget beads from the Castle Dome mine in Arizona. About 18 beads , 16", average 18mm x 16mm x 11mm; Seafoam bubble shiney nuggets with pyrite and quartz matrix. Old stock genuine treated Turquoise from closed Arizona Castle Dome mine directly from the Nevada miners. Item shipped may vary slightly.

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Item Condition: New