Credit Card Magnifiers 3x Magnification Semi-rigid 0.5mm Thin

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These are lots of 10 credit-card magnifying ; 3.5 times magnifaction, yet thinner than a credit card. You will receive ten white credit card magnifiers and 10 plastic card magnify cases. Keep these in your wallet when you can't read small type, need to see small parts, small detail work; super convenient; you can afix a label to promote your business, your customers will use them for years. These are strong semi-rigid and only 0.5mm thin. Very convenient to keep in your wallet, but for card presentation we include ten sleeve-for-cards packed seperately.

  • 10 bookmark ruler magnifiers
  • One color, solid white
  • Only 0.5mm thin, yet 3.5x magification
  • Includes protective presentation sleeve for each one
  • Only 0.5mm thin, yet 3.5x magification