Man Primitive Artifacts Stemmed Genuine Archeological Tools ~1" (Qty=1)

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Color: Browns


  • One Rare Primitive Man artifact, stone age tool with stem
  • Suitable for office, collecting, gifts, study; includes descriptive card
  • About 1" long and ~1" wide, ~1/4" thick, ~5grams to 12 grams each
  • Very good condition, made by Neanderthal techology 55,000 to 12, 000 years ago
  • These are genuine archeological found antiquities, not replicas! Lithic tradition and called Levallois; 1 specified buys 1 artifact, 4 buys 4 artifacts, etc.

Details: This is not a replica. It is a beautiful Genuine Rare primitive man stone age technology artifact . It is from the what is now the Sahara desert .It is about 1 " long and about 1" wide, small size;t he colors are tans and browns in its finest and natural state; this treasure would definitely make a very rare and collectible piece; not for gem cutting nor carving. It is from the Late Middle Stone Age Era to Upper/Middle Paleolithic Era; it is 55,000 to 12,000 years old. These were used on spears, and as arrowheads, scrapers, skinners, and knives. Aterian tools from the now Sahara Desert were used by both Cro Magnon Man and Neanderthals; the tool making technology is in the Mousterian Lithic tradition and called Levallois; 1 specified buys 1 artifact, 3 buys 3 artifacts, etc.

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Item Note: Genuine Neanderthal Man archeological artifact 12,000 to 55,000 years old.

Item Condition: New