uGems Meteorite Necklace 18"

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A priceless treasure, meteorites on Earth are more rare than gold. This is a genuine pendant Meteorite on a 2mm 21st century style locking rubber necklace with a bail, not a flimsy open jump ring. Includes a short attractive descriptive card. This locking necklace is easy to open and close. Gorgeous "thumbprints" all around the meteorite. Enjoy this piece of outer space, very few others will have one to match. The official name of this meteorite is Campo del Cielo sourced in Argentina from one of the world's largest expert meteorite dealers. Item shipped will vary slightly. The necklace was made from the Campo Del Cielo meteorite. The Campo del Cielo meteorite is known for more than 400 years. It developed from a smashed asteroid that had been just starting to form its molten iron core. These meteorites are highly precious because of their high Nickel and Iron Content. It fell from outer space about 4,200–4,700 years ago. Age of the meteoric iron is about 4.6 billion years old, as old as your own solar system! Campo del Cielo translates to "Field of Heavens" and means a group of iron meteorites found 620 miles northwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is among the list of the oldest reported meteorite finds, as well as being the heaviest ever retrieved on the planet (even though in numerous fragments). It was initially discovered in 1576 though aboriginal residents who known of it for a long time. It's estimated that the pure iron asteroid weighed 800 tons before impact. Pieces of this meteorite were found as far away as Paraguay.

  • Genuine Meteorite necklace, meteorites will vary slightly
  • Campo Del Cielo meteorite from Argentina, year 1576
  • 18" necklace, 21st century design by uGems
  • Easy to open and close secure integrated clasp
  • Includes descriptive card