UnsetGems Morganite Round Gemstone Faceted unst Gemstones

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Morganite is a beautiful soft pink or peach colored stone that is part of the Beryl family. Morganite reveals an amazing radiance and subtle hue varying from a cool lavender-pink to a warm peach. Other stones in this family include Aquamarine, Emerald and Heliodore. They are highly sought after for their large size, great clarity and beautiful soft pink color. The pink, rose, peach, and violet varietites are all called Morganite after banker and gem enthusiast J.Peirpoint Morgan. Pure beryl is colorless and gains its color from the addition of external elements like iron, manganese, chromium or vanadium during the rock formation process.

  • Unset round fine genuine Morganite gemstone
  • 7mm Peach Pink (2)
  • Earth mined genuine Morganite Beryl
  • Very well cut and polished
  • Round cut