uSpecimens Obsidian Needles Natural Genuine Volcanic Davis Creek (6)

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These are 6 beautiful genuine specimens of Obsidian. They are natural sharp Obsidian needles found only in Davis Creek, California; 1for collecting, education, healing, wind chimes; item shipped will vary slightly; not a toy. Obsidian is a volcanic glass that breaks with a very sharp fracture. It is formed by the rapid cooling of hot acid lava. Obsidian needles are naturally occurring. Native Americans used these “needles” for leather work tools, hunting weapons, and cutting utensils. Obsidian is considered to be one of the main protection stones by many of the Native American tribes. The needles have a variety of sounds. Obsidian is natural glass and is fragile; sharp edges keep away from children adult supervision required

  • 6 Obsidian Needles rough uncut awls 6 pieces
  • Suitable for office, collecting, gifts, study, some wire wrapping, science
  • Sizes 2" to 4" Davis Creek California
  • 1 specified buys 6 needles, 3 buys 18 needles, etc.
  • Item shipped will vary slightly, Obsidian is volcanic glass