Pink Amethyst Briolette Pendant Beads ~14mm (1)

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Brand: uGems

Color: Pink Amethyst


  • Light Pink Amethyst briolette bead, , checkerboard cut, medium-large
  • Sold by the bead, extremely rare this color fine quality, hand drilled inwards from each side
  • APPROXIMATELY 14mm high, 10mm wide, 6mm deep
  • USE 0.018" cord or thinner. Holes are drilled inwards from each side and may have a small chip around the hole. Use a tiny round spacer bead next to it.
  • Natural gemstone loose and unstrung without spacers, drilled towards center from each side.

Details: This is a light Pink Amethyst faceted briolette bead; about 14mm high, 10mm wide, 6mm deep; Beautiful clean light pink Amethyst not usually found this large; rare color; not finished jewelry; item shipped will vary slightly; 1 specified buys 1 bead, 3 buys 3 beads, etc.

UPC: 025949822599

EAN: 0025949822599

Binding: Kitchen

Item Note: Single bead pink Amethyst side drilled large size for this gem use .012" wire or cord or smaller

Item Condition: New