Platinum Wire 28 Gauge 99.9% Qty=6-inches

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Size:28 ga

This is a 6 inch section of PLATINUM Wire; One of the most precious of metals ; 28 Gauge,soft; About 0.30mm diameter round , thin wire; 99.9% Pure Platinum. This item is not the thinnest gauge (30 gauge is the thinnest); pure platinum is one of the most costly metals on Earth- please purchase carefully. 1 specified buys one 6" section, 2 buys two 6" sections, etc.

  • Platinum wire 6 inches
  • 99.9% pure platinum
  • Thin 28 gauge platinum; diameter is 0.148" round 0.32mm
  • For scientific uses and jewelry making
  • Please note pure platinum is one of the rarest metals on Earth. Please purchase carefully.