uGems Ruby Nugget Rough Beads Genuine Natural ~10mm (Qty=5)

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These are natural genuine Ruby beads. Dark red purple colors; About 30 carats. Drilled a short way, large holes for Ruby. Rough finish. About 30 carats of Ruby; light does not go through them much, but a little towards the edges. Sold loose and unstrung.

  • 5 natural organic genuine natural rough Ruby beads
  • About 10mm wide, 8mm thick, 5mm long , sizes vary
  • Light goes through them a little at the edges, large 1.5mm 0.060" hole
  • Loose beads for jewelry making, rough finish, loose and unstrung
  • 1 specified buys 5 beads, 3 buys 15 beads, etc.