Yellow Silver Solder Chips Ultra Tiny Precut Pieces 0.5mm X 1mm X .25mm (Qty=1500)"Medium" Density

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Size:yellow medium

These are lots of about 1500 pieces of pre-cut special yellow silver solder chips for jewelry fabrication. USA Made and lead-free and cadmium-free; chips are 0.5mm mx 1mm x .25mm; flow 1360 degrees; for jewelry fabrication, teaching, jewelers, craftsmen; beginners should have adequate live instruction; grab a tweezer full of chips and set them down on your charcoal block; no more cutting; the chip sizes are excellent to work with and pretty consistent; one customer suggests you use paste flux for a good join; use a small paint brush dipped in the paste flux to pick up and place the solder pallions. Use for gold filled, copper, optical (yellowish), brazing (yellow), nu gold.

  • Yellow Silver precut tiny solder "medium " density
  • Chips are about 0.5mm mx 1mm x .25mm
  • Flow 1360 degrees F
  • For jewelry fabrication general soldering, intermediate operations
  • Beginners should have adequate live instruction, NOT FOR SOLDERING IRONS