Stone Age Primitive Artifact Aterian Stem Levallois Tool ~2"

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This is a Rare primitive stone age technology artifact. It is from the what is now the Sahara desert .It is about 2" long and about 1" wide, medium size; the colors are tans and browns in its fine state; this treasure would definitely make a very rare and collectible piece; It is from the stone ages. These were used on spears, and as arrowheads, scrapers, skinners, and knives. Aterian tools were used by primitive man; the tool making technology is in the Mousterian Lithic tradition and called Levallois; 1 specified buys 1 artifact, 3 buys 3 artifacts, etc.

  • One rare stone age artifact tool, some stem, 2"
  • Suitable for office, collecting, gifts, study; includes descriptive card
  • Over 2" long and 1" wide, 1/4" thick, over 7 grams; item shipped will vary slightly
  • Very good condition, made by ancient techology
  • These are archeological found antiquities, old stock purchase from many years ago; 1 specified buys 1 artifact, 4 buys 4 artifacts, etc.