Turquoise Sleeping Beauty Mine AAA Graduated Heishi Beads Strand Genuine 16" 3mm-10mm

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This is a strand of Sleeping Beauty Arizona USA Turquoise heish beads drilled the short way ; genuine Turquoise . well drilled, and polished ; very good blue colors; you will buy a 16" strand, about 140 beads with some matrix; Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise got its name from the mountain which resembles a lady; rare, this mine is now closed and in high demand; old stock mined 1970's; all Turquoise mines are currently closed and the factories are closed; Sleeping Beauty turquoise was one of the most highly prized turquoise veins in the world. This bright, vivid turquoise, often referred to as "Persian color," has long been sought after by fine jewelers in both Europe and America.. The tonal range of this extremely rare and hard-to-find turquoise will vary from light to medium with occasional matrix. Now available from old stock this incredible Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona, this turquoise set the standard for the world.

  • Turquoise bead strand Sleeping Beauty Mine graduated heishi
  • Sleeping Beauty Mine old stock, 3mm to 10mm discs
  • Well cut, drilled, and polished, finest blue color old stock 1970's
  • 16" strand beads over 140 beads per strand, natural genuine
  • Fine baby blue color with some natural matrix