uGems Heart Jump Rings Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Fill Assorted Sizes

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Brand: uGems


  • METAL: Sterling Silver
  • SIZE: 22 gauge 8mm
  • STYLE: Heart closed ring
  • QUANTITY: Sold by the 12 pieces
  • Decorative jump rings for jewelry making

Details: These are fancy shapes of jump rings that tie one part to another in the easiest way possible: using a single loop. Jewelry that is pieced together like chain mail relies upon several jump rings to obtain the item its design stability. Many necklaces and bracelets use a jump ring to hitch your clasp to the necklace. They're also helpful for connecting strands of beads in layered or festooned pieces. Each set of rings is carefully checked for quality. Getting jump rings will keep them all available with no need to stop work and make a finding. Some styles of jump rings are soldered shut for extra strength, but a majority of maintain oen style for ease of use. Due to the fact they're important jewelry layout, findings have got advanced past unadorned rings. For a lot of makers, they're a fundamental element of the particular completed piece; some others would rather utilize