uGems Square 14K Gold Filled Wire Assorted Gauges and Lengths

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Brand: uGems


  • 14K Gold Fill Square jewelry wire
  • METAL: 14K gold fill
  • SIZE: .028" 0.7mm
  • LENGTH: 2 feet
  • 1 specified buys one 2-foot section, 2 buys two 2-foot sections, etc.

Details: This is sold in lots of 2 Feet of Yellow Gold Filled Jewelry Wire; 21 Gauge, soft temper; About 0.75mm square, pliable strong wire; Gold fill is layers of 14kt gold and base metal combined with heat and pressure. It is not plated; It is 1/20th 14kt Gold; The soft temper makes the wire easy to bend. It does not change color. Very good for wire wrapping and stone wrap. 1 specified buys 1 2-foot section, 2 buys 2-2 feet sections, 4 buys 4 2-foot sections, etc.