uGems Sterling Silver Converter Magnetic Clasp with Rings Assorted Size Barrels

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This is a sterling silver magnetic clasp converter for necklaces; easy to convert a difficult to clasp necklace into a magnetic clasp; attach one side to your necklace on one side with the attached spring ring, and the other on the spring ring of the necklace through the split ring; 18mm total length with spring and split ring; great for those with long nails, arthritic, or when it is difficult to use regular jewelry clasps. This style is for use with necklaces with lobster and other clasps. Utilizes very powerful magnets. 1 specified buys 1 clasp, 2 buys 2 clasps, etc. Do not use if you use a pacemaker, insulin pump, or defibrillator; Heat from very hot water (over 150 degrees F) will diminish the strength of the magnets, so detach before cleaning in ultrasonic cleaners. USA Made. DO NOT USE IF YOU USE A PACEMAKER, INSULIN PUMP, OR DEFIBRILLATOR

Clasps such as spring rings and lobsters have a spring inside that will stick to a magnet. This spring is never precious metal. Precious metals are not "springy" enough to work inside clasps. The springs are spring steel. This is why spring rings can magnetically attract to the barrels of the converter. This does not affect the function of the converter.

Attach the spring ring on the converter to the jump ring on the end of your necklace. Attach the spring ring on your necklace to the ring on the other side of the converter. It is easiest to open the magnetic clasp by sliding apart, which is easier than pulling it apart.

Magnet Specifications:
Diameter: 4mm diameter 4.5mm long
Magnet Grade: N50
Gauss Strength: 3,950
Pull Strength: 8.07lbs per square inch

WARNING: Contains small magnets. Swallowed or inhaled magnets can attract through and squeeze intestines or other body tissue, causing serious injury or death. Seek immediate medical attention if swallowed or inhaled. Magnetic fields can affect the function of pacemakers or other implanted electronic medical devices.

  • Magnetic sterling silver clasp, converter, 4mm magnet, large ring size for easier attachments
  • With split ring for easy assembly, 18mm long on converted necklace
  • This model is for light lobster clasp necklaces or similar
  • 1 specified buys 1, 3 buys 3, etc.