uGems Yellow Sapphire Shades Beads for Expert Stringers Songea 3mm-5mm Very Tiny 9 Inch

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This is a rare 9 inch strand of ultra tiny gem canary yellow and orange Tanzania Sapphire beads; micro facet cut, transparent , very tiny about 3.5mm to 5mm high and 2.5 to 3.3mm diameter, tiny; side drilled at the narrow end; sold loose and unstrung; use 0.010" cord or 30 gauge wire; about 100 beads; for expert stringers only

  • Canary Yellow and Orange briolette drop genuine Sapphire beads, Songea Tanzania
  • 3mm to 5mm high, 2mm to 2.5mm diameters, drop shape
  • Side drilled at the narrow end, transparent gem quality, about 40 carats
  • 9 inch strand; tiny holes; use finest 0.010" cord or 30 gauge wire
  • Tiny sizes, transpernet colors, micro faceted, for expert stringers only